Creative Gold Jewellers can offer you two types of valuations.
The first is a hand written type at a cost of 1% of the value of the items. Minimum charge for a handwritten valuation is £6=
The other is a computer-printed valuation with a scanned or photo image of the items at a cost of 2% of the value of the items. The minimum charge for computer valuation is £12=
The advantage of the computer valuations is that a copy is kept on file so should you change address or want to have the valuation updated after several years or because of a big increase in the price of gold because the file is only being modified we make the update for 0.5% of the new value. Also Insurance companies like the fact that there is a photo image on file & the police have more chance of recovering it if its ever stolen.
In both cases the jewellery is weighed & tested to determine what metal it is made of. If it has Diamonds, an electronic diamond tester is used to check they are not simulated. Either a Mohs Scale for larger stones or a diamond spread gauge is used to determine a rough approximation of the weight of the stones [ An accurate weight can be only ascertained if the stones are unset ] This weight of the metal & weight of the stones form the basis of the valuation .
Most valuations are for INSURANCE purposes & what the valuer is being asked to do is the fix the value as if the the customer had lost the original & had approached the jeweller to commission him to produce a replacement that was exactly like the original. It is therefore a higher value then a standard item that he might already stock of similar weight & stone size.
The other valuation that a jeweler might be asked to do is a valuation for PROBATE. This might be required by a trustee of a will who is charged with dividing up a persons estate. Here the value is going to be much lower as it should reflect the minimum price that a jeweller is likely to pay should he be asked to buy it from the trustee who is required to turn items into cash & in most case it is only scrap value.
Probate valuations are charged at 10% of the value of the items but half of this is refunded if subsequently sold to the jeweller.


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This Valuation for Insurance
Is based on values current at the undermentioned date.
It is valid only for the purpose specified above.


Late nineteenth century diamond and opal moth brooch mounted in silver and gold. Body of the moth consists of a 20pt old cut diamond and 12mm x 8mm oval opal of excellent range of colours, The wings are pierced and set with 60 diamonds in total range in size from 6pts to 2pts

I have examined the articles scheduled above and in my opinion the figures given represent the value of such articles for the purpose stated.

Signed _______________________appraiser

Dated 16th August 2005