Creative Gold Jewellers offer on-site Machine Engraving in either script or block fonts.
The charge is £6 per line of up to ten characters additional letters at 50p each.
It can usually be done within an hour. The item to be engraved must be capable of being held top and bottom, securely in the machine vice jaws, so some objects because of their shape may not be suitable for machine engraving and marks may be caused by the jaws.
Machine engraving is quite a shallow finish compared with hand engraving. It shows up best on soft metals such as on aluminum and silver. It can be hard to see on metals such as on stainless steel.
The engraving machine is not suitable for object with curved surfaces i.e. tankards and the inside of rings, so these have to be sent out to be done by engraving specialist that also do all the hand engraving.
Hand engraving usually takes about a week and because there is so much variation in styles it is hard to make up a price list.
A rough guide is that capital letters in script on a ring or cufflinks work out at £12 minimum each and the smaller case at £6.
As you can see there is a vast difference in price between price between machine engraving and hand engraving, but there is a vast difference in the quality and therefore the finished appearance.

4 Capital letters, hand engraved, entwined script.
£14 each letter.

Hand engraved crest of Masonic design.

A line of 10 letters machine engraved, script or block, is £6.

Property Marking By Machine Engraving.
£6 for ten characters.
30 minute service.

Mobile Phones
I Pods
Portable DVD Players
Key Ring Fobs
Watch backs

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